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How many years of experience do your agency have?
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Collectively our team has over 30 years of marketing experience. From Google ads to brand architecture, Facebook ads to customer journey experience... we have the skills to explain our data-driven decision making processes, using reporting and analytics to drive results.

How big is your team of creatives?
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We have two copywriters and a designer at your service.

Does your agency have a project minimum?
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We execute small paid ad projects to large-scale press operations. No project is too small for our attention.

Do you work under short deadlines?
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Yes, we are very open to short deadline projects. In fact, a recent client of ours had her Instagram Business account taken down x 2 and desperately needed a Shopify website build. We were able to launch a Shopify website for her with a quick rebrand, and point of sale setup within 10 days.