Ennis ‘like tennis’

Ennis ‘like tennis’

Personal Brand Architect

Let me help you align, balance, connect what you want with what you need. Personal brand architecture merges life-coaching with brand development for holistic growth. Let's design your blueprint to self-actualization.

Ennis is a personal brand architect. She primarily works one-on-one with creative geniuses and c-suite executives to enhance their brand & business. Key words: efficient, process, storytelling & innovation. Her style is often described as refreshing, unique, balanced and unforgettable. She is known as being ruthless on details.

Ennis works beside a full gamut of founders and for brands in WEB2, WEB3, B2B, D2C, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, for-profits and non-profits. She understands companies bottom-up and top-down as well as people and personal development (self-love). Ennis easily toggles between macro and micro perspectives.

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