Nicole Trumbo

Nicole Trumbo

Founder & Director

Nicole Trumbo is the Founder & Director of Rebel Studios, a premier creative and strategic agency based in Toronto, Canada.

With clients worldwide, Nicole is dedicated to bridging gaps in business strategy, automation, messaging and analytics. Her speciality lies in web development, paid advertising, integration, SEO, press and omnipresent marketing execution.

Nicole has a history of success in the travel, banking & finance, entertainment, fitness, hotel and tech industries - working with small business owners and corporate companies alike. She is a data-driven ad specialist with 10+ years experience producing disruptive advertising and compelling content, dedicated to growing customer value and achieving extraordinary results for her clients. Nicole has lived in six different countries where she has worked with some of the biggest names in the game but her focus remains on philanthropic work in her communities. 

Her dedication to client success and client satisfaction is unparalleled as she continues to change the mold of the agency-client dynamic to include pillars of trust and camaraderie.

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