Building a profitable and scalable business requires data-driven decision making, a foundation of tracking and analytic experience, and an in-depth understanding of industry standards.


We do it best.


Business Audits

We offer a full front and back-end business audit to analyze your current business pipeline; find bottlenecks and potential growth opportunities within the customer journey. If your growth is stagnant, an audit can help.


Paid Ads

With 17 years experience and high-level training under Todd Brown, Sam Owens and Aleric Heck; our paid ad experts help clients convert sales through highly targeted FB, Instagram, Youtube, Google (Search and PPC) and Tik Tok ads.


Web Design & Dev

We position brands with messaging and design tactics that resonate with their core audience. Through in-depth research, we create irresistible websites that grow businesses fast. (Copy, SEO, Site Health, Accessibility included)



If you want to build authority in your industry and position yourself as the expert - media features, podcasts and TV appearances are a must. Get featured with publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Business Insider.


Brand Architecture

Ennis will help you align, balance, connect what you want with what you need. A merger of life-coaching with brand development for holistic growth. Let's design your blueprint to self-actualization. (Creative direction available)


Content Marketing

We offer ahead of the curve media packages including videography and photography for businesses as well as email campaigns, blog post curation, and value-forward social media copy.


Lead Generation

We utilize low barrier of entry microsites called "funnels" to pick up leads and track interested audiences before dropping them into a nurturing email campaign for hot conversions.



The ingredients you need are proper metadata, tagging, backlinks, mobile friendliness, site loading, keyword research, site descriptions and earned media to boost your domain rating.


AI Implementation

A lot of people know how to use broad marketing keywords but few know how to launch an omnipresent marketing strategy with the help of AI.


A non-traditional agency.

A lot of business owners focus on bulk... bulk leads, bulk sales... with no staff to fulfill the needs of their high-paying clients. Client turnover occurs in a matter of weeks and said client leaves with a sour taste in their mouth. Sadly, this is the way of many modern marketing agencies. Take on any client, regardless of the industry. As long as they can replace the client and the money comes in, then their marauding agency model stays alive. But that's not us.

Rebel Studios is built on value forward, data heavy education for business owners. Holistic marketing strategy executed by world-class specialists. We aim to turn the predatory agency-client relationship dynamic on its head by taking on a maximum of two large-scale clients at one time for more oversight and cleaner execution. This is not a come one, come all agency. It's an agency by the people for the people.



Shop Cares Closet
Shop Cares Closet

Shop Cares Closet

Full rebrand, POS setup and Shopify website creation under a tight deadline.

Punch Boxing Studio
Punch Boxing Studio

Punch Boxing Studio

Full brand architecture across digital and physical for a boxing gym in Paris.

Marc Russell Photography
Marc Russell Photography

Marc Russell Photography

Website audit, blog / magazine writing and SEO optimization.

Kaaba Luum
Kaaba Luum

Kaaba Luum

Rebel Studios teams up with WYDS to launch a luxury hotel based in Tulum, Mexico.

Who we've worked with

''Nicole was so incredible to work with. She has a thorough process which made me feel like she cared and was just as passionate about the project as I was."

Jayde Delpup
Jayde Delpup Coaching

"A planning session with Ennis feels like therapy with actionable clarity. I’m confident that the goals I’ve set are doable and letting Ennis know when I’ve check-marked things off my goal list feels like having a personal cheerleader."

Cissy Ly
Actress, Writer

"Nicole was so easy to work with and delivered on the project super fast. Would definitely work with her again!"

Seyi Makinde
The Brand Powerhouse
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